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July 06, 2011

Strawberry Vanilla Strudel

I'd love to say that I'm enjoying beautiful sunny warm and bright summer day right now, but the truth is it's quite the opposite. The sky ain't blue, birds aren't singing and it's raining. Pretty awful summer day, don't you think? Usually I like to dig into something light, refreshing and prefarably cold. However, when I see that "wonderful" weather outside I just feel like eating something a bit heavier, warm but still juicy and at least a little bit summery :) If that's how you feel, then you may try out this not-so-traditional strudel and I bet it'll make you smile no matter what the weather looks like.

The season of fresh deep red strawberries is coming to the end here in the Czech Republic. I've eaten tons of them so far and I can't seem to be over eaten by them. Yesterday I spent the evening in our garden looking for more strawberries and to my big disappointment I have to say they're gone. Yes, it's a pity but true. So I was thinking for a few minutes about how to say good bye to these lovely red sweet berries and I immediately remebered this recipe which I invented by accident :D

I bet you all now that famous apple strudel which is soooo popular here in my country. I love it and it's pretty hard to beat it, it's just that much delicious! However, about a year ago when planning to make apple strudel, I realized we didn't have apples (how silly is that?!) and I had to improvise. So when you don't have apples, use strawberries, change this and that and you end up having something totally different but equaly divine.

It doesn't require much time which is quite good - you can go swimming or for a walk instead of spending summer in the kitchen (unless the waether is as nasty as here right now :/). I use ground sponge biscuits in the filling, but I'm not sure you can buy them outside Europe, anyway these are the same as ladyfingers, but smaller and round. If you are able to find the biscuits, use them, otherwise use ladyfingers - the taste won't change at all, it's just a bit easier to ground the biscuits than long ladyfingers :D

This recipe makes two approx. 30cm long strudels, but you can easily half the recipe to have only one strudel (but that won't be enough, 'cause it's so good :D). Oh, and one last note, USE the vanilla pod - the filling has so much better flavor with it - deep and full bodied. When you leave it out, it still tastes great but you get the feel that it's missing something - a final flavour note or that sort of thing. Okay, that's all, prepare your strawberries and let's start baking :)
500g (17.6oz) puff pastry
1 egg for eggwash
150g (2 cups) ground ladyfingers
150g (3/4 cup) granulated sugar
1 tbsp butter, melted
1 vanilla pod
2 eggs, lightly beaten
500g (3-1/2 cups) strawberries
powdered sugar (depends on your taste)

Filling: In a bowl combine ground ladyfingers, granulated sugar and seeds scraped out from vanilla pod. Pour in melted butter and eggs and mix well until it resembles coarse crumbs.
Assembly: Divide puff pastry into two equal parts. Roll out each part into large thin rectangle, sprinkle evenly with equal amounts of filling and strawberries (you don't have to cut them unless they're really large), dust with powdered sugar to taste, leaving a two inch border on all sides. Brush the sides with eggwash (so that the strudel will keep its shape during baking) and fold one end of the pastry over the filling, roll up the pastry into a sausage shape, press lightly on the folded side to help the strudel keep its shape during baking. Make sure the strudels are fully sealed without any holes otherwise the filling and juice will run out during baking. Each strudel will be about 30cm long and 10cm wide. Gently lift both strudels on to a lined baking sheet. Brush with eggwash, then bake in preheated oven to 170C for 10 minutes, then lower the temperature to 150C and bake for 20-30 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool completely, then slice and serve either plain or with whipped cream, vanilla/strawberry ice cream etc.

  • You can use either fresh or frozen strawberries. If using frozen, let them thaw and then drain.

I guess that when you combine vanilla and strawberries and puff pastry you simply can't go wrong! Oh yeah, this means that once again I loved this one and in fact, I still do :) Almost every time I find a pack of frozen strawberries in my freezer I make this strudel. It reminds me summer and simply I love the taste of vanilla, juicy strawberry-soaked ladyfingers and sweet soft strawberries packed in wonderful crispy puff pastry. One day I'll make my own puff pastry, but right now that would be a story for another day.

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  1. Oh my gosh, that looks like it came from a bakery. It is perfect.

  2. I love, love strudels, but I guess that comes with the territory. I was born and raised in Slovakia...

    Hope you can come by and this recipe at Foodie Wednesday

  3. This looks SO tempting! Mmmm, I love strawberries with vanilla. Yummy!

  4. A very interesting recipe for the filling and a beautiful strudel. Sorry to read the weather is not nice. I am sure it is just a temporary condition. In California, we are blessed with a long strawberry season, but I don't forget that as a kid, living in Italy, I had a small number of weeks during which to get my fill of strawberries before the season ended. I assume you will have other berries later.

  5. I have just finished reading through your Baklava post and found out lots more about phyllo and traditional Baklava! Now I know how you got your phyllo sooo light and flaky! Great work!
    Also this strudel look devine. In Australia we are just starting with the first strawberries of the season. I look forward to trying your recipe!

  6. Love it love it love it! Strudell is very popular in my town, because of the German colonization!
    Yours is so yummy, beautiful and well done!!!
    I'll keep this recipe for sure!
    Manoela from Dessert First!

  7. Lisa: Thank you so much!

    Ms Bibi: That's fantastic! I live in the Czech Republic which is sooo nearby :D I visit Slovakia pretty often - during holiday and so on :) Thank you for inviting me, I've already linked it up :)

    Sara: Thank you :) Yes, vanilla and strawberries are a perfect combo :D

    Simona: Thank you! Oh, yes, fortunately today the weather is so much better :) Our strawberry season lasts for about 4 weeks, which is less than it might seem :D As for the other berries, right now I have plenty of raspberries and red currant :)

    marcellina: I'm always so happy to read that someone finds interesting/new info in my posts :D Thank you for your nice words and I'm really glad you want to give this strudel a try - let me know how it turns out :)

    Manoela: Thank you a lot :) I'm sooo happy you like it!

  8. Lovely recipe and ethereal pictures. We're so glad we came over from Sweets for a Saturday!

  9. Strawberries and vanilla sound wonderful. Makes me want to sit down with a cup of coffee and indulge in a piece of your strudel. Beautiful photos!

  10. Beautiful! I'm so happy to find this recipe - I've never seen one quite like it. Your filling ingredients sound luscious - I would never have thought to use ground ladyfingers, but yes, brilliant! Your strawberries look like they must be wonderful, unlike the huge, juice-less varieties we find in the supermarket.

  11. Cindy: Thank you :)

    Tadka Pasta: Thank you a lot! I'm glad you like it here :)

    Patty: Thank you! Ooh, a cup of coffee sounds really good :)

    Linda: Thank you so much, I'm so delighted you like the recipe! I have our own planted strawberries which are really sweet and juicy. I know exactly what you mean by those supermarket strawberries, it's a pity they only look like strawberries but taste like water :/

  12. Looks beautiful and delicious!

  13. I would love to make this soon, well, *really* soon that is!

    Mom and I often check your blog together, and she is happy about the ladyfingers being in the filling.

    Thanks for posting yet another great recipe. And thanks again for the measurement equivalents. :)


  14. Patty: Thank you :)

    Bundle Wade: It's great to hear that even your Mom likes it here :D You're welcome and thank you for stopping by :) Don't forget to let me know, how you like it if you try it out :)


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