Summer is here. Bake something summery :)

November 28, 2010

The Daring Bakers' Challenge: Crostata di castagne e cioccolato

The 2010 November Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Simona of briciole. She chose to challenge Daring Bakers’ to make pasta frolla for a crostata. She used her own experience as a source, as well as information from Pellegrino Artusi’s Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well.
On the first day of every new month I am very nervous. And do you know why? As it is the day when I find out what the new challenge is and that's always a big surprise and I'm really looking forward to this, because I love this our group where one can fully express himself (or herself) and create something fantastic for the others. As for exaple this month - famous Italien crostata (loosely translated as tart).

November 19, 2010

Orange Almond Cookies with Dark Chocolate

40, 39, 38, 37...No! 35 days to Christmas Eve :) Isn't it great? Imagine you sitting in front of your fireplace, seeing those beautiful orange dancing flames, listening to christmas carols and eating christmas cookies, of course! You know, Christmas isn't about giving and receiving gifts. It's all about love, family and friendship and traditions. And the best gifts are the homemade ones. How about a small box of these wonderful orange almond cookies?

November 13, 2010

Apple Pie

As I promised you last week, this time I show you what to do with the shortcrust pastry. And it's nothing different than our old good apple pie!

November 05, 2010

Shortcrust Pastry

Another Saturday, another recipe. This time I'd like to show something very easy and well-known. Yes, I'm talking about shortcrust pastry. It's very easy to make and even easier to eat! Many recipes on the internet suggest using pre-made/store-bought shortcrust pastry or shortcrust pastry shell rather than making your own. My question is why? I don't know anything better than homemade shortcrust pastry and I've decided to share my know-how with you (but I think you already know most of it). So keep reading :)