Summer is here. Bake something summery :)

January 25, 2012

Hraběnčiny řezy (Countess' Cake)

At first I'd like to remind you the giveaway is still open to everyone so don't hesitate and give it a chance :) Now let's move to Christmas. This time it was really RICH when it comes to Christmas cookies and food in general. Anyway, I keep telling myself there's enough time till summer, so why shall I give up delicious treat in January? This cake is extremely popular with my family - even when I bake it at 10pm, there hardly is a half of it left the next morning and it "magically"disappears within the next few hours. Even Jack Malon wouldn't be able to find it!

January 15, 2012

The Very First Giveaway


Exactly 14 days ago the new year started. This is the very first post in 2012. I think it should be something special, don't you think?  Recipe posts are here quite often but giveaway hasn't been there yet. So it's time to change that!