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January 15, 2012

The Very First Giveaway


Exactly 14 days ago the new year started. This is the very first post in 2012. I think it should be something special, don't you think?  Recipe posts are here quite often but giveaway hasn't been there yet. So it's time to change that!

So what will I give away you ask? Have you ever heard about My Memories Suite? It's software rated #1 by Amazon and TopTen Reviews. Using this software, anyone can create digital scrapbooks, photobooks, cards, calendars and gifts without having to buy expensive and complicated software programs. My experience with My Memories Suite was pretty awesome. I love editing photos, creating photo calendars, postcards etc. but sometimes I find it quite hard and time consuming because I have to use at least 2-3 different programs to create one single scrapbook page. However, My Memories Suite makes it pretty easy! You can create everything in one program, no further knowledge in IT thingies is needed :) It's really fool proof and it can be also extremely fast! There are many pre-made templates but of course, you can make yours from scratch, too! This takes a bit more time, especially for the first time because there are so many features to choose from :D

The features include frames, shapes, backgrounds, texts, pictures, imprints and much more :) My sister really enjoyed editing photos of herself in it (she's also into vampires and goth stuff :D), here's one example:

Mine is here (apparently I prefer brighter colors and girlie thingies unlike my sis'):

It's my first creation so it's not perfect and I haven't browsed through all the features as there are so many of them :D Anyway, now you have the chance to get this software for free thanks to My Memories!

To enter:
  1. Only one entry per person, please!
  2. Leave a comment under this post with your email included!
  3. Visit My Memories and tell me what album template you like the most in your comment.
  4. Tell me which recipe you like the most on my blog in the comment :)
  5. Follow my blog via Google Friends Connect or subscribe by email (both on the right - in my sidebar).
Extra: for a bonus entry follow My Memories on My Memories Blog, My Memories Facebook or Twitter.
Giveaway Details: This giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world! It starts on Sunday, January 15, 2012, and ends on Sunday, January 29, 2012.

The Winner: will be chosen randomly by and sent an email. I'll give him/her all the necessary information about the prize :) If the winner doesn't respond within 5 days, I'll choose a new winner.

The Prize: The winner will receive a free (full version) My Memories Suite v3 (original price $40.00 USD). It'll be provided by the wonderful people in My Memories company.

Want to get your My Memories Suite now? Here I have one more treat for you! I offer you a special discount code for $10 USD - this means instead of $40 USD you'll pay only $30 USD. The code is: STMMMS44554 (it applies only when buying My Memories Suite v3).

So, January 29 is behind us and it's time to announce the winner! And the winner is....number 6 - Betsy! Congratulations!! You'll receive an email with all the necessary information shortly :)


  1. Nice!! I love frosted and Calendary years and Im following you(lol)
    Im following you before this giveaway (lol)

  2. Welcome back. Hope the NY celebrations was good. Did you just finish the celebrations now?:)

    1. Thank you :) Nope :D The celebrations ended on 1st January :)

  3. OK, I read this blog for a while now as you're one of my fellow Daring bakers. Anyway, as a technical retard I didn't realize I can follow... Ooops... :-/
    Thanks for introduction of My Memories Suite, never heard of that before. It's so cool! I love Turkey Talk Template (basically anything that reminds of food), Man Cave Template, both Sea Inside Templates but my most favorite one would be Page Builder 5.
    Regarding my most favorite recipe: I certainly haven't tried all of them but Apricot Almond Thumbprint Cookies rule! It was a shine star of this year's Christmas feast and I owe a big THANK YOU for them!
    All the best in 2012.

    1. :D It's totally okay! Anyway, thank you for following now :D
      I'm so extremely happy you enjoyed the cookies, thank you for letting me know :)

  4. Que bello está bien graficado,saludos y abrazos hugs,hugs.

  5. It appears that you and your sister have different interests ;) I like the Living Life template. I am sorry, but I like all your recipes. OK, I'll choose one, but only because I have to. Among your recent post, I really enjoyed reading about the Vanilla crescents. Your blog is already in my reader, which means I am following you. Good luck on your first giveaway!

    1. Yes, you're right! Sometimes I'm a bit afraid that she's a bit too much on the dark side :D I'm so glad you like all of them :D Anyway, Vanilla crescents are a good choice :D Thank you!

  6. Well, how very fun!

    My favorite recipe...well, that's easy. It's your buttermilk pancakes. :)

    As far as the templates, I liked the Birds and Apple one.

    yes, I'm a follower!

    and my email is

    1. Congratulations :) I hope you're having fun with MyMemories :) I'm really delighted you like the pancakes :)

  7. I'm happy to participate in your giveaway. I'm a city girl but "Vintage Farm" caught my attention. :)

    And now to choose your recipe...that was an unfair question! Anyway, since this is required, I'll go for the Orange Almond Cookies With Dark Chocolate because they are responsible for my stumbling upon your blog.

    I've been a follower for a while now.

    1. Thanks for participating :) I'm a city gilr too but the template is really cool :D I apologize for the question :D I'm just so curious :D

  8. I'm just returning from vacations to this pleasant surprise... how cool!
    If I had to choose among so many beautiful templates, I would pick Ice Cream Sundae Frames, so cute!
    Now, choosing a favorite recipe from your blog is so difficult! They are all so amazing! Ok, I will choose the Maple Cocoa Spiced Cookie Egg Shells with Maple Mousse, not only because it is a true work of art, but because the idea of making chocolate egg shells using cookie dough was a fantastic idea, and I loved it so much!
    I'm a follower already but will be very pleased to be a subscriber as well!
    My email:
    Wishing you lots of success!

    1. I hope you had a great time! I'm so happy you rember the shells :) Thank you so much for the kind words and double following :D

  9. Hi Catalina, thanks for this great oportunity to get great gift! My favourit recipe is probably Pear and nutty cinnamon crumb cake. I love pears and there is actually really just few pear cake recipes, did you notice? And I just love A pea in the pod girl album, it's just so sweet=)
    Have a great day!

    1. You're welcome :) The cake is a great choice if you're a pear lover :D As for the lack of pear recipes, yes, I did - and it's not only matter of pears - the same applies to red currant or even black currant :(

  10. YAY!!! You just made my day! How very fun! :) Thanks, dear. :)


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